One of the biggest metal roofs of the world has been painted in RAL 3020 it is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi



More than 231.000 sqm metal, over 900 tons of weight and over 100.000 liters of color - one of the most spectacular building projects in the United Arab Emirates now has a roof. With a surface of more than 50 football fields the theme park "Ferrari World Abu Dhabi" has the largest space frame of the world. For the production of the gigantic roof system the medium-sized company INTERFALZ, based in Oranienburg, Germany, was responsible.


The roof of the leisure facility has a surface of 210.000 sqm with additional 21.000 sqm of wall cladding surface. In order to manufacture more than 24.600 pieces and partially 96 m long metal profiles, INTERFALZ used so-called roll-forming units in Abu Dhabi. With these transportable roll-formers, metal profiles of nearly any length can be manufactured on site.


A team of 28 workers required close to ten months, in order to produce those altogether 600 km metal profiles at a height of up to 50 meters. Special challenges to the material arose due to the extremely high outside temperatures and the air humidity.


The theme park has its site next to the newly built racing course, where the last race of the Formula 1 season will take place on 1 November 2009. The opening of the leisure park is planned for spring 2010.



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This site displays a review of standard colors according the Classic RAL System. RAL is used for defining standard colors for paint and coating. RAL is the most popular Central European Color Standard used today. The Color Chart has 213 classic colornames and is divided in 9 colors:


yelow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, grey, brown and black/white.


The RAL colors in this chart have been matched as closely as possible. This chart therefore can not serve as a standard for RAL Color Production. It will depend on your monitor and printer. Use current RAL Color Publications for most accurate color.